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The End

Digital Imaging 1 is coming to an end. It’s been fun. Now it’s about finishing the case study, wrapping it all up and doing a final presentation.
Goal….to continue to learn Photoshop and Illustrator on my own and get to know more tools and increase my graphic design ability, even if it is only for my own pleasure. This period has indeed informed my ability to use Photoshop for pic editing in web design which was my original intention and then some. Made some fun enthusiast pieces and had a chance to be creative….always fun.

Happy Accidents

These are some simple amateur results that arrived when I asked myself…

“What would happen if I try this tool or click this button?”

This background is a colored picture warped by the 3d Extrusion from layer tool.

This was a black and white pic that I used the 3d Extrusion from layer tool then added a beveled frame (layer styles) and and textured background using Layer Styles pattern overlay.

I started playing with making text 3d and also tried out the 3d Mesh tool which makes bottles, cans, rings, shapes etc.

I was enjoying the 3d and tried to compose something interesting using mostly the rectangle tool and making them 3d and giving them patterns and colors etc.

HDR is my favorite discovery this term, just started playing with this video game and my Labor day boat trip

This guy is in both of my final projects, the StreetGuy. I was working on my final project and wondered what would happen if I clicked Puppet warp.

Turkey week

This week was a tough week. Felt like I had run out of ideas and that my skills were not at a level to execute the ideas I did have. So there has been a huge struggle to find the right idea. I took hundreds (about 700) pictures in the past few weeks and had lots of different potential concepts to play with, but with every concept I felt like I did not know the tools well enough nor enough about graphic design to execute what I would like to see. So I just let different ideas fester really since hurricane Sandy when I started taking pictures. Made several random sketches to see if anything would spark my pieces. Also made several little starts in Photoshop of different concepts because that can often inspire me and allow me to see what I want to do.

Then this past week I had to go to the city. The city always inspires me creatively much more than living here in Westchester. (I’m just a city boy by nature). Thrive on adrenaline. So I took tons more pics and was inspired again. Still I felt that I did not have a grasp of the tools as I should and decided that I would make a point of using tools I don’t normally use. Increase the bag of tricks as it were. (even though my bag of tricks is really more like a tiny plastic pint bag. ) So I have made some discoveries, found the use of some tools that most professionals find every day obvious tools but I was just ecstatic that I made friends with a few of them being the amateur that I am. I made a new friend out of the pen tool, and the mask tool, I could never understand the mask thing. I also made friends with the smart object tool and have played a lot with blending modes, and the brush not just for clearing but for adding parts into the pieces. I am back in business with my HDR toner which is my gem and being one who loves vibrant color it has been my main attraction. I even played with trying to create the same effect as the HDR without actually using it, to moderate success. But this time I also did not stop at the HDR. I continue to edit from there and am in the process of working on my final pieces. I’ve also got some side discoveries that I wouldn’t call pieces but randomly found things like puppet warp and also the new 3d feature. I will post some of those little things that I just did out of the blue just playing around. Very amateurish but this type of design for me will most definitely be more of a hobby and I will enjoy raising my skill levels. For the web, editing photos, doing site maps and mocking up designs will probably be the extent i will need Photoshop. That being said, ya never know….I could be wrong… and that wouldn’t be a bad thing…now back ta’ makin’ macaroni & cheese!


What are you working on? A show and tell for Designers

what are you working on?

Found another cool site like behance.net called
What are you working on? Dribble is a show and tell for designers.
(to quote the actual website.)
Seems to be even more popular. Lots of designers (graphic, web etc) post things they are in the progress of working on, have completed etc. and on some of their self promotional sites they use a dribbble link as their portfolio instead of building the portfolio on the site. Some very popular web designers on this particular site as well as some up and comers. And there are defintely 3 B’s in the spelling of Dribbble.com.

Check it out!

New Sketch!

After the surprising reaction to what I thought was an awful sketch used to just wrap my head around cubism, I decided to create a sketch that I will chop up and use in my piece. I have to say I am actually proud of this sketch. Not because it is so artistically wonderful. (i’m not really a visual artist in my eyes). But the success for me is that I feel I was able to wrap my head around making a cubism piece. I’d almost rather just turn in the drawing but the piece is coming together as well in a way that successful or not I am proud of my own growth.

Here is the new sketch:

cubism sketch 1

I actually ended up changing my camera settings and taking the sketch in this hue to chop & insert into my piece:

cubism sketch 2